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The SoFull Traveler

Hi! I'm Jenn. The SoFull Traveler. Earlier this year, I was working as a clinical dietitian in a hospital. I realized that when it comes to nutrition and wellbeing, the answer isn't in dieting. It's in eating real food. It's in being a part of community. It's in treating ourselves, others, and the world with respect and kindness. It's in having fun.

My goal on The SoFull Traveler is to help you find inspiration to travel, desire to eat nourishing and delectable foods, curiosity to try new things, courage to question yourself, and an opportunity to find whatever makes your life so full, and soulful.

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Taste the World

Get a taste of the world as I explore the foods and food culture of each country

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Ask the Dietitian

Nutrition can be confusing. Not to worry, your trusty dietitian is here!

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Culturally inspired recipes with a healthy twist (most of the time)

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The Travel Guide

Taking a trip? Here on the Travel Guide, I've complied helpful resources for planning your next getaway.

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Cheap Travels

You don't have to be rich to have rich life experiences. Here are some tips for making traveling on a budget possible.

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Categorized by destinations I have visited, find articles, stories, and tips of your next adventure.

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